Saturday, December 22, 2012

Shouldn’t Christmas Be About Taking?

Beginning in 1990 I started writing a Christmas poem and send as our Christmas Cards.  I am sharing this year's poem with the blogoshpere because given recent events, things that transpired over the last year, and where people try to place blame I thought more that my close family and friends should see it.

Shouldn’t Christmas Be About Taking?
written by T.L Hackett
Christmas 2012 
Very few would argue that Christmas is about giving, but this year, I’d cheer if Christmas was about taking…

Taking blame, taking charge, taking the bull by the horns, taking an oath, taking a stand, taking stock in yourself, taking your medicine, taking pride in your work, taking a vow, taking care of business, taking control, and most of all taking responsibility.

You agree with my plea that we need some taking?  No? How about ample examples to change your thinking?

It’s not the bar tender’s fault if you drink too much
It’s not Joe’s fault for your felonious touch
It’s not the president’s fault if congress can’t get it done
It’s not the referee’s fault if the other team won.

If you don’t like what’s on, turn off the TV
If you don’t like my politics, don’t vote for me
If you don’t like hypocrites, take a big bow
If you don’t like this poem, stop reading it now.

You can voice your opinions, all day long
You can even think that mine are all wrong
You can stand up for things that you believe
You can dislike this place, but you are free to leave.

Stop feeling that you are so doggone entitled
Stop making excuses that are so unbridled
Stop believing that somebody else will do it
Stop blaming other people, just own up to it.

Start taking these rhyming words seriously
Start taking a stand, it’s your responsibility
Start taking stock of the stuff inside of you
Start taking pride in everything that you do.

Take hold of the reins and control your own sleigh
Take charge of the things that you can change today
Take this great advice as I suggest it here
Take, don’t give, for a Merry Christmas this year!