Saturday, September 22, 2012

What's Better than a Nap?

This is the last installment from our Way Out West adventures...

What’s better than a nap?  How about a nap while on vacation? When planning this trip, I told my wife I wanted enough time to feel like we could just sit back and chill if the mood struck us. Well the mood struck hard one afternoon.

It had already been an epic trip. Fly fishing, mountain biking, trip to the ER, great food and cold beer. What else could we have asked for? Well…I had asked for a recliner.  Actually the ER doctor suggested it and when we asked the High Lonesome Ranch staff if there was a recliner in the cabin they said no, but when we got back from lunch the next day…there was a recliner.

I turned the chair toward the picture windows in the den…from there I could see the pond, the mountains and all the wild neighbors…turkeys, mule deer, quail, bear and poor little grass hoppers meeting their doom at the fins of a hungry trout.

I closed my eyes for just a moment…and opened them two hours later. It was a great nap.  And so it is on vacation…everything you do tends to be better.  For instance, “what’s better than drinking a good beer? How about drinking a good beer while on vacation? What’s better than a fine meal? A fine meal while on vacation.”  Well, you get the idea.

We made every moment of our trip a memory worth remembering…even the small things like an epic nap or the adversity of a broken collar bone.  We just made the best of things because we were on vacation. 

These great memories made it hard to leave the ranch.  We did so with anticipation however.  We would drive through Rocky Mountain National Park and spend a couple of touristy days at Estes Park. After all, sightseeing is better when on vacation.  You are allowed to do silly tourist things. That’s why it’s fun to rent a car with out of state plates and drive around your own town.

Me taking a break (literally) on the White River
It was one helluva trip…we have great pictures, but more importantly terrific memories. We put a lot of pressure on this vacation because now one of the boys in college and within 3 years all 3 will be “on their own” so to speak.  So what’s better than a vacation?  How about a fly fishin’, shotgun shootin’, mountain bikin’, bone breakin’, whitewater raftin’, horseback ridin’, good beer drinkin’, long nappin’, Colorado vacation with your family?

Now onto the next adventure…

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